Our Course

Postgraduate Diploma DMU-ARDMS-ADMS Program
Sonographic Principles & Instrumentation (SPI)
(SPI or Ultrasound Physics is the core subject for practicing sonography & also for the ARDMS-CARDUP exam. It gives students basic background knowledge for image production, optimization & interpretation considering image artifact & bio-effect.)
Abdominal Sonography
(It is a comprehensive course covering all abdominal & pelvic organs including intraperitoneal, retroperitoneal and pelvic cavities and FAST protocol in emergencies with North American AIUM-ARDMS and Sonography Canada registry exam curriculum.)
Small Parts & Superficial Structures Ultrasound
(Are you a Sonologist, Radiologist, Head-Neck or Breast surgeon seeking for practical ultrasound skills to answer key questions on thyroid & Neck problems or breast diseases, Scrotum & other superficial structures? Then this is the right course for you.)
Gynecology Ultrasound
(It is a comprehensive course on Gynecology ultrasound covering ARDMS, CARDUP, ISUOG & ACOG Guidelines for scanning technique and protocol in GYN ultrasound with extensive didactic & supervised hands-on training)
Obstetrics Ultrasound
(It is a postgraduate diploma course on OB ultrasound covering ARDMS, CARDUP, ISUOG & ACOG guidelines for scanning technique & protocol in OB ultrasound at tertiary level with extensive didactic & supervised hands-on training.)
Neurosonology for Neonatal & Infant Brain
(This course provides advance level of didactic & hands-on training on neonatal & infant brain and spine. Upon completion, one should be able to do advanced level of perinatal, neonatal & infant brain and spine.)
Diploma in Pediatric Ultrasound
(It includes pediatric abdomen & pelvic ultrasound with Neurosonology of neonatal brain and spine. This course is intended for those who is interested for doing specialized pediatric sonography only.)
Folliculometry & Infertility Ultrasound
(Are you a Sonologist in IVF and Infertility clinic or an OBGYN specialist, Fertility clinician, ART-IVF technologist looking to develop your skill on follicle tracing and infertility ultrasound? Then this is the right program for you..)
Abdominal Sonography
Computer Science test
Gynecology Ultrasound
Obstetrics Ultrasound
Neurosonology of Neonatal & Infant Brain
Obstetrics Ultrasound for Midwives
Certificate in Small Parts Ultrasound
Fetal Anomaly & Genetic Ultrasound
(This course is designed for those who are already practicing OBGYN ultrasound, want to enhance their capability of OB ultrasound in tertiary level with ability to scan, identify & interpret fetal structural & chromosomal anomalies & syndromes.)
Transvaginal Sonography
(Are you a Sonologist, OBGYN specialist or Residents or Radiologist, looking to enhance your ability to identify female pelvic pathology, infertility ultrasound & Obs & fetal abnormalities by transvaginal approach, then this is the right course for you...)
Musculoskeletal Sonography
(This course has been designed for Sonologists, Radiologists, Orthopedics, Rheumatologists, Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, Sports medicine specialists & also anesthesiologists who want to expand their horizon in next level of MSK & Neuro-ultrasound.)
Small Parts Ultrasound (Neck,Thyroid, Breast & Scrotum)
(A short course on Small parts ultrasound includes Neck, Thyroid & Parathyroid gland, Breasts and Scrotum with advance level didactic and hands on practical sessions & reporting writing or as "Point of Care" sonography by Surgeons or endocrinologists.)
Neurosonology for Neonatal & Infant Brain & Spine
(Sonologist or Radiologist who wants to advance career in Neurosonology which will enhance your new field of ultrasound with increased interpretational & diagnostic ability in problems within Neonatal & Infant brain and Spine.)
Breast Ultrasound
(Are you a Sonologist, Radiologist or Breast Surgeon seeking to enhance your practical ultrasound skills to help you answer key questions on Breast scanning protocol, interpretation of pathologies & BIRADs reporting? Then this is the right course for you…)
Thyroid & Neck Ultrasound
(This course is designed for advance level practical training blended with theoretical knowledge on Neck & thyroid ultrasound. If you are a sonologist, Radiologist or Head & Neck surgeon, wants to enhance your skill on thyroid & neck ultrasound..)